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Design-Build Team of Urbahn Architects, HAKS, and Citnalta-Forte Completes Modernization of Three Brooklyn Subway Stations for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the Design-Build team of Urbahn Architects, HAKS, and Citnalta-Forte have completed renovations to the first three subway stations of the MTA’s multiple station renovation program. The design team for the $72 million, three-station package was a joint venture between the New York City-based architect and planner Urbahn and the engineering firm HAKS. The design team worked with the design-build contractor, Citnalta-Forte.

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Citnalta Mentors with Best Practices

Since 2010, the MTA's Small Business Mentoring Program (SBMP) has helped open doors for small construction contractors, many of them subcontractors who now through the MTA program have the opportunity to work as general contractors. Citnalta Construction Corporation is part of the construction management mentoring team for the SBMP and has played an important part in its success.


Long-awaited station repairs underway at Grand Concourse, East 174th St.

After nearly a century, the MTA is repairing and modernizing subway stations around the city. Work began Monday on the Grand Concourse and East 174th Street station. Currently there is only one staircase closed, but that work is expected to ramp up in the coming weeks with the whole station shutting down on Aug. 13 as the MTA carries out a complete makeover. Citnalta, one of the companies contracted to make structural repairs, is also working on modernizing the station with new turnstile areas, LED lighting and security cameras.


MTA advances contract to bring accessibility to Livonia Av L Station, enable free physical connection to Junius St 3 Station

The design and construction of the accessibility improvements will take less than two years under the new MTA Construction and Development. A $53.9 million contract has been announced by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to bring accessibility to the Livonia Av L station by building two elevators and a new above-platform passageway. The project will go to the MTA Board for approval next week. Work on the project, under the new MTA Construction & Development, is expected to take less than two years.


Outer borough construction kings: Here are the top general contractors outside Manhattan

When it comes to new building construction in the Bronx, the largest projects tend to be affordable and supportive housing. Many of the biggest projects in the borough from January 2012 to March 2017 featured affordable housing, according to data from the Department of Buildings. One of the biggest projects was Omni New York’s 2956 Park Avenue, a 15-story low-income project in the Melrose section of the Bronx.


Renovated East 180th Street Station by Bronx Zoo Revealed

Before he was ever a borough president, Fernando Ferrer was a Bronx boy who rode the subway and hurried through the East 180th Street 2 and 5 train station. Ferrer’s main memory of the four-story, 100-year-old station by the Bronx Zoo was of its dark mezzanine passageway. “I don’t remember anything that was inviting or well lit,” Ferrer, now the acting MTA chairman, said Friday. “It was dark, forbidding and, certainly in the 70s and 80s, not very safe.”


The 11 Most Beautiful New Buildings in Brooklyn

This 18-classroom building in Dyker Heights accommodates 324 students and is one of the largest buildings constructed under the city’s universal pre-K initiative. “Both inside and out,” say the judges, “this lively adaptive re-use project brings a community facility with an engaging, welcoming presence to a unique corner of Brooklyn’s evolving west Bensonhurst manufacturing area and the surrounding residential neighborhood.” Constructed in a former warehouse built in 1925, the building uses a distinctive greyand-yellow cladding that establishes an interplay of pattern and color that’s carried over to the building’s interior.


Three Teams Modernize Three US Subways with Minimal Disruption

Design-Build team Urbahn Architects, Citnalta-Forte, and HAKS (now Atane Consulting), complete $88 million station modernization project for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the Design-Build team of Urbahn Architects, Citnalta- Forte, and HAKS (now Atane Consulting) have completed renovations to three subway stations, one in Manhattan and two in the Bronx.


Urbahn Architects, Citnalta-Forte, HAKS modernize subway stations

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the design-build team of Urbahn Architects, Citnalta-Forte, and HAKS have completed renovations to three subway stations, one in Manhattan and two in the Bronx. The combined $88 million modernization involved structural, infrastructure, safety, and passenger comfort enhancements to the Number 3 train/IRT Lenox Ave. Line’s 145 St. station in Manhattan, and the Bronx’s B and D trains/IND–Concourse Line’s 167 St. station and the B and D trains/IND–Concourse Line’s 174 -175 St. station.