Project Description

Concord High School – Exterior Masonry/Windows Replacement/Roofs/Flood Elimination
Owners Name
NYC School Construction Authority
General description of the project type and size
Citnalta will be upgrading the Existing Building, originally constructed in 1894, as a completion contractor.
Description of scope of work
Concord High School, built in 1894, needed a series of upgrades to deal with typical deterioration that can happen over the course of 120 years. The high school was given a complete facelift with the repointing of all the brick above the basement level followed by an application of masonry coating extending the lifetime of the current bricks, and greatly increasing the school’s curb appeal. Concord High School was also redesigned with large new windows and window guards in addition to the replacement of much of the slate tile roofing. The project was completed with addressing minor flooding in the basement level remedied through a chemical grout application.
Actual Start and End dates of construction
Notice To Proceed: April 2015

Estimated Substantial Completion Date: September 4, 2015