Project Description

Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary High School (Queens)
Owners contract number
Owners Name
NYC School Construction Authority
General description of the project type and size
New 3-story Building and updates
Description of scope of work
 General Construction contract to build 120,000 sf new 3 story school and site. Demolition and asbestos abatement of existing hospital building prior to construction start. New High School Building included extensive laboratory spaces geared to Health Sciences. Project management staff included project manager, field supers, field engineers and office administration to oversee all subcontractors, general conditions labor and the self performance of all the concrete trade activities.
Original Start and End dates of construction
The NTP was issued on 7/18/2016 and the project was scheduled for completion within 1065 consecutive calendar days of the NTP date, thus establishing a substantial completion date of 06/17/2019 and a final completion date of 12/14/2019.
Actual Start and End dates of construction
Start: June 2007
Complete: August 2010
Dollar amount at award
Dollar amount at completion