Project Description

P.S. 313Q – New Five Story School
Owners contract number
Owners Name
NYC School Construction Authority
General description of the project type and size
Citnalta built a new Five Story School within the confines of existing buildings parameters – complete with clock tower, gymnasium, early childhood play yard and 5th floor roof top play yard complete with neo designed & constructed safety netting system.
Approx. 78,130- Sq. Ft.
Description of scope of work
Contractor responsible for overseeing and supervising, all of the trades-and performed 100 percent of the contract work. The project was completed in an aggressive 18 month schedule from start to turnover to SCA. Contractor worked adjacent to existing building structures in center of neighborhood block and was required to take extra precaution during the foundation and support of excavation operation protecting all adjacent structures.
Original Start and End dates of construction
The NTP was issued on 09/21/2012 and the project was scheduled for completion in 18 months.
Actual Start and End dates of construction
Awarded on 6/29/2012.
Completed on 8/26/2014.
Dollar amount at award
Dollar amount at completion
$45,897,007.15 to date 10/15/15