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Professional Development at Citnalta

As part of Citnalta’s ongoing commitment to professional development, we launched a new “Workshop and Learning Series” in 2022. The purpose of these classes is to deepen our team’s understanding of a broad range of construction industry topics through in-house training and seminars.

On November 28th, we hosted our first learning seminar called the Citnalta Insight Leadership Seminar. The seminar, taught by Executive Coach Belinda Vacanti, gave each attendee an opportunity to discover their personal motivators and behavior preferences. We were provided with a framework for learning different styles of communication, how each person prefers to approach problems and procedures in life and how to show up for our team and co-workers.

Then, on January 30th and January 31st, Citnalta hosted our first-ever in-house workshop on the Design-Build Process taught by Chief Operating Officer Gary Yerganian and Vice President John Giarrusso. The workshop intended to develop and broaden our team’s understanding of the difference between design-bid-build and design-build projects and how Citnalta uniquely approaches these contracts.

Moving forward, as Citnalta continues to grow and adapt, we will aim to host two workshops and two seminars per year. We are looking forward to hosting a Mental Health/Stress Management Seminar in a few weeks!

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