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General Contracting


General Contracting

As a General Contractor, Citnalta builds what it bids. That distinction differentiates the firm from typical construction managers who do not build but only provide oversight without assuming construction risk. 

Citnalta's strong project management skills, experienced senior management, and self-performance of essential items of work is what sets us apart from other general contractors. We have built and maintained close relationships with the region’s best subcontractors. These relationships enable Citnalta to provide the best value for all of our clients

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Since our first Design-Build award in 1998, Citnalta has established a proven track record of successful completion for all our Design-Build projects. We at Citnalta have found that it is our collaborative culture that proves to be most effective throughout the Design-Build process and allows us to work with owners to minimize their risk and even reduce project delivery schedules.


Our team of construction professionals understands the importance of working closely with our design partners and together we are able to combine design and construction schedules to streamline our projects.


Construction Management

Citnalta's track record and project management skills make Citnalta well suited to effectively represent owners' interests and ensure effective management of the schedule, cost, quality, and safety. 


Our ability to effectively assume risk sets us apart from other construction managers. Using the construction industry’s best practices, we work with clients to build high-quality, environmentally sound and safe projects that exceed the client’s expectations.

Due to our vast experience, our technical expertise and our robust staff of construction professionals, it is natural for Citnalta to operate as a Construction Manager at Risk.



Since 2010, Citnalta has actively participated as a mentor in the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the New York City School Construction Authority (NYCSCA) mentor programs. Citnalta implements the start-up and ongoing management of the contractors working on various MTA construction projects for the MTA Small Business Development Program (SBDP) and has provided consultant mentor services to the NYCSCA through its Technical Assistance Program (TAP) since 2014. As part of this program, Citnalta provides one-on-one mentoring and coaching sessions on an individualized basis for the TAP participants. 


Joint Ventures

Each of Citnalta's clients rely upon us to meet and exceed their schedules, specifications and budgets. For each of our joint venture projects, we strive to partner with companies that have complimentary skill sets to Citnalta's. 

To date, Citnalta has joint ventured on over a dozen projects for different agencies. Typically, Citnalta looks to create as a robust team as possible, as early on in the procurement phase as we can. 

Surety Completion

Citnalta’s solid reputation with public agency owners has made Citnalta the go-to general contractor and/or construction manager after another contractor has defaulted on a project. Citnalta works with sureties to ensure the project is completed to the owner’s satisfaction and in compliance with the original contract documents. 


Self Performance Experience



Sheeting & Shoring



Street Restoration

Temporary Structural Support

Stone Setting



Support of Excavation



Project Scope Experience

Fast Track


New Construction

Interior Fit-Outs

MTA Station Rehabilitation

MTA Accessibility Upgrades

Construction Management

Surety Completions

Emergency Contracts

Construction Consulting

Green Buildings

Structural Rehabilitation

Historical Restoration

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