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Diversity and Inclusion

Citnalta Construction Corp. is an industry leader in Diversity and Inclusion. As a strong supporter of diversity, we are committed to hiring a diverse workforce, union subcontractors, and utilizing M/WBE, DBE, and SDVOB subcontractors, suppliers, and small businesses. We believe a diverse workforce benefits everyone involved in our projects and stimulates innovation, creativity, problem-solving, productivity, and effectiveness. As such, Citnalta also belongs to several organizations and committees that further encourage diversity such as the Women’s Builders Council (WBC) and the General Contractor Association’s (GCA) W/MBE committee, and the Associated General Contractors (AGC NY).

Citnalta is also proud to be involved in assisting in the development of M/WBE, DBE and SDVOB capacity in the public sector. Through the NYC School Construction Authority’s Technical Assistance Program (SCA TAP) and the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s Small Business Development Program (MTA SBDP), Citnalta works directly with M/WBE business owners and coaches them on how to successfully grow their construction companies. Additionally, Citnalta’s leadership team teaches classes in various city and state mentor programs.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Citnalta seeks to mentor M/WBE, DBE, and SDVOB contractors through joint ventures.

Citnalta actively works to develop M/WBE, DBE, and SDVOB capacity. 

Citnalta actively participates as a mentor and instructor in public agency mentor programs.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy board photo.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Board

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