Safety is Citnalta's first priority as exhibited by our EMR Rate of .80 and our "Safety First" culture.


The safety of our workers, the public, and property guides Citnalta in our approach to design and construction. Our commitment to safety is demonstrated by our sincere belief that every individual working on our projects should go home at the end of each day in the same condition as when they arrived at work. This pledge is carried out and overseen by Citnalta's team of safety professionals.


​We have a construction safety team that includes a full-time, in-house Director of Safety,  New York City-registered Department of Buildings site safety managers, New York City-registered Department of Buildings site supervisors, fire safety managers, transit contractor safety engineers, transit contractor safety supervisors, and OSHA 500 trainers.


Citnalta’s union-trained trade personnel are vetted to assure their certifications are compliant with the work tasks they will be performing.


Field personnel are encouraged to attend safety classes and seminars offered privately and through our association affiliations to enhance their knowledge of safety protocols. This constant emphasis on remaining up to date on the latest safety procedures helps keep Citnalta-run projects operating with our “Safety First” business model.