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Grand Central Station Escalator Replacements and Structural Repairs, Awarded to Citnalta-Forte JV

Citnalta-Forte Joint-Venture (CFJV) has been chosen as the Design-Builder for Contract A37679, Grand Central Subway Mezzanine Finishes, Escalator Replacement & Structural Repairs on the Lexington and Flushing Lines. This $XXM Project calls for repairs to the Lexington Avenue mezzanine and replacement of the existing escalators for the Flushing Line at the Grand Central-42nd Street Station.

The mezzanine for the Lexington Avenue line was partially renovated through developer-funded projects. This Project will complete the remaining work at that mezzanine and on the adjacent ventilators above the mezzanine, which have been the source of water leaks. The ventilator repair work will consist of crack and spalling repairs, as well as steel beam repairs. To finish the mezzanine, the existing suspended ceiling will be removed, exposing the concrete underneath the ceiling which will be painted and serve as the new ceiling, and new lighting fixtures and new signage will be installed. In addition, the existing fare array will be expanded with new turnstiles and new vending machines. For the Flushing Line, eight (8) existing escalators that are at the end of their useful lives will be replaced. These escalators connect different levels of the mezzanine and the lower mezzanines to the platform level for the Flushing Line.


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