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Conquering Concrete

Careful coordination and planning are crucial to the success of new building construction in New York City. Crews are often limited by space, work hours and logistics and must manage the influx of subcontractors who will be phased in and out of the site. Being able to self-perform key items of work allows Citnalta to control schedule, budget and orchestration of these major projects. Most recently, Citnalta’s Concrete Division has been in the spotlight – pouring at three different locations across the boroughs.

Lehman College

Lehman College Nursing Education, Research and Practice Center in the Bronx required the installation of over 1000 cubic yards of concrete for three floors and a roof. A ten-person crew is responsible for the concrete operations at this site, which is typically performed in four steps.

Four Steps to Concrete:

a. Install formwork and pour stops

b. Rebar Installation

c. Prep site for concrete pour

d. Arrive early to set up the concrete pump and get to work

For Lehman College, forming the pour stops lasted approximately seven days while rebar installation lasted for five days. These two crucial steps help the concrete take shape and provide for a solid, sound foundation.

Crews are now working on parapet walls on the roof and will soon begin the outside site concrete work.

P.S. 47

Citnalta poured the mat slab of 1529 cubic yards of concrete at P.S. 47Q in June.

The first pour of 550 cubic yards took five hours to complete while the second pour of 825 cubic yards was completed in approximately seven hours. A concrete mix of 5000PSI will withstand heavy impact and extreme wear and tear – the perfect strength for a new building near the coastline in Queens.

This concrete operation requires the use of a 20-man crew, pouring at multiple locations at once, to get the whole job done.

· 3 flaggers

· 2 pump operators

· 6 laborers

· 2-4 masons

· 4 carpenters

· 2 surveyors

P.S. 196

Over at P.S. 196Q, the team is wrapping things up on the outside of the site. Sidewalks, stairs and fence walls will be complete in July. This manpower is comprised of four to six people at a time.


The process of pouring and forming concrete is a team effort, completed by hardworking, dedicated professionals who step up to the plate every day in the heat, cold, rain and snow. A lot goes into the process of getting the job done and is only successful with team work.

Citnalta is proud to have a great Concrete Division which gets better and better every day.

Contribution by Joe Connolly


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