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Welcome 2024 Interns!

We are excited to officially introduce our 2024 Summer Interns! Citnalta makes it a priority to bring on summer interns who are eager to learn about the construction industry and Citnalta’s diverse role within it. We pair interns with projects that best align with their interests and academic majors. Throughout the summer, we mentor, encourage, and challenge them to develop their skills. At the end of the program, each intern presents a topic related to their assigned project to the Citnalta team.

Citnalta takes pride in the fact that many of our current employees started as interns and have chosen to build their careers with us. Read on to learn more about this year's interns!

Haley Piscopo

14th Street ADA Upgrades

Haley Piscopo, a Mechanical Engineering Major at Stevens Institute of Technology, has returned to Citnalta for her second-year internship at 14th Street. Haley has returned to Citnalta because she enjoys the contracting side of engineering and is intrigued to learn more about the field of construction.

Rachael Palilio

14th Street ADA Upgrades

Rachael Palilo is joining our team at 14th Street before returning to New Jersey Institute of Technology to finish her senior year in Concrete Industry Management with a minor in Business Administration. Rachael  believes Citnalta is a great company to acquire knowledge to advance her career and is most looking forward to being out in the field learning more about what makes each component of the project important. Palilio chose her major because she has always been fascinated with how the building process starts and has realized that concrete is the basis of construction.

Cassius Johnson


Cassius Johnson joins Citnalta’s P.S. 160Q team as a rising junior majoring in Industrial Management Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. With his academic background, Cassius can't wait to put what he learns into practice on real projects and make a valuable impact on the company. He values the opportunity for growth and learning and hopes this experience will equip him with a broad skillset encompassing engineering principles, business management, and industrial operations.      

Harry Wessels

LIRR ADA Upgrades at 9 Stations

Harry Wessels is a junior at the University of Florida, pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Harry is currently working with our LIRR team designing and building elevators, stairs, and escalators, as well as installing new lighting fixtures and HVAC systems. During this internship, he is most looking forward to gaining experience out in the field and seeing what day-to-day work is like as a Project Manager.

Charlotte Williams

116th Precinct

Charlotte Williams has also returned to Citnalta for her second-year internship at the 116th Precinct. She returned to Citnalta because of the supportive team atmosphere and the learning opportunities Citnalta provided. The strong relationships Charlotte formed last summer motivated her to return to the company and she is eager to further her professional growth. She is continuing her studies at The University of Dayton as a rising senior in Civil Engineering. Williams enjoys Civil Engineering because of the positive global impact it has and for how diverse and creative you can be with this career path.

Jenna Castro

116th Precinct

Jenna Castro has joined our team at the 116th Precinct before finishing her senior year at Quinnipiac University as a Civil Engineering major. She is most looking forward to applying what she has learned in the classroom to real life situations in the field. Jenna chose Civil Engineering as she believes it is a growing industry for women and there will always be a need for new projects to be constructed.

Kabir Singh Plaha

P.S. 447K 3K Center

Kabir Singh Plaha has returned to Citnalta for his second-year internship at the 447K 3K Center to further his experience in the field. Kabir is studying Engineering at Bergen Community College. and is interested in learning more about how the world works through the lens of the construction industry.


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