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P.S. 32K Nears the Finish Line

Citnalta is currently the general contractor for the construction of a new 54,000 sq. ft. three-story addition to an existing school at P.S. 32K in Brooklyn, and upgrades to the existing building.

The foundation of the addition is a pile supported foundation comprised of 323 pipe piles, concrete pile caps and concrete strap beams. The exterior of the addition is made up of 26,000 sq. ft. of brick and block masonry, self-performed by Citnalta. Upgrades to the exiting building include installation of a new three-stop elevator as well as renovations of rooms, ADA upgrades to bathrooms on four floors, installation of two brand new boilers and 1,400 sq. ft. of masonry work which Citnalta also self-performed.

Citnalta recently completed the excavation of nearly 500 tons of soil to remove the school building’s two existing 10,000 gallon oil tanks which allowed for the new boilers to be brought into the basement fully assembled. Crews have since restored the area creating a third outdoor playground space for the school.

Crews on site are currently working to finish the boiler upgrades in the exiting school and are pursing final sign off from the DOB for the newly constructed elevator in the existing building.

The scope of work for the project also included relocation of emergency egress from the existing school, removal of 15 temporary classroom units, building fit out of administrative office spaces, a kitchen, and 18 classrooms. Citnalta constructed of a full playground with equipment and a rubberized safety surface that has been set flush with the surrounding asphalt, and the installation of a single basketball hoop with a painted athletic wearing surface including a track around the basketball court as well as hopscotch and four-square game markings.

Citnalta is excited to see this Project come to completion in the near future. Check out more photos of the school below.

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